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Jubilant January

Spiderplant Meeting 23.01.2021


10.30 Devotional – Mark 6: 30-34 Jesus calls people to sit at his feet and rest. Our meeting is about sharing and fellowship, yes resting. Through our writing may we encourage others to rest in Jesus.

10.40 Guest Speaker: Tony Collins/ book: “Taking My God for a Walk – a publisher on pilgrimage” Tony is a private agent and consultant after having spent a lifetime in publishing. He worked as an editor for Hodder, Lion Hudson & SPCK. He gave us practical tips and the financial reality of publishing. He challenged us with the question, Is your book worth writing? An absorbing and thought-provoking talk.

12.15 Q & A


!2.30 Writing Exercise. Write a piece that evokes a place using all the senses you can. Take us there, make it real even if it is imaginary. You can use poetry or prose. It could be a letter or devotional piece. Limit 300 words.

1.0 Presentation: What is ACW – Rosalie

1.30 News and Views

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