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Bible Study is very important to me. How else can we formulate our ideas about God? Before I commence any bible study, I pray. I ask God through the power of the Holy Spirit to enliven my mind, cleanse my heart and help me. Since 1977 when I first came to know the Lord Jesus, I have treasured my bible. Background information and the social context of a passage is important. I value the time I spent studying the bible formally for 8 years. I consider my ministerial studies were varied and with different denominations of the church family I have a wide understanding of differnt viewpoints. If you want to put me in a category, I believe I am an evangelical Christian trying to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Besides the normal church based bible study groups in South Africa, I studied Greek by correspondence. I then studied a dipoloma in Ministerial Studies through the Irene Theological College (Full Gospel Church). This enabled me to lead the bible study groups jointly with my husband, Sydney.

I completed a full-time three year degree course at the Bible Institute of South Africa in Kalk Bay. At the time I was employed as an evangelist with the local Presbyterian church. This time was a steep learning curve, juggling my studies with my dedication to being a wife and mother. The Lord gave me the strength to fulfill these things

I decided to apply for a ministerial licence with the Presbyterian church and as a result I was required to complete a year at the University of Cape Town to improve my ecumenical vision. I studied a Masters in Theology writing a dissertation on my missionary work in the local township. This was a very difficult time for me as my main interest was in practical theology and not academia. However, I did learn about Dietrich Bonhoeffer under the tutorship of Professor John De Gruchy and was introduced to Feminine Theology. I downgraded to a bachelor in Social Sciences degree to complete my course.

My husband, Sydney, and I were appointed to do missionary work with the Council for World Mission and were appointed to go to British Guyana in 2001. The funding for that enterprise was withdrawn and we were sent to England instead. What a disappointment!   I provide these details so that you can be reassured that the bible studies I have written come with an appropriate ministerial background.

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