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Only A Shepherd Boy

Only a shepherd boy

Merely a lad;

But oh what bravery and courage he had.

Slaying a bear and even a lion

Destined to be

The monarch of Zion.


Only a shepherd boy

Goliath he faced

With stones, a slingshot and God’s grace.

Hero of the battle

He rose through the ranks

And avoided jealous Saul’s murderous pranks.


Only a shepherd boy

He became blind

When as a man, for Bathsheba he pined.

Consumed with passion and

Power gone to his head,

It wasn’t long before, her husband was dead.


But oh such sorrow

Psalms aptly describe.

Gone are the strength, arrogance and pride,

As he falls on his knees before Almighty God,

Submits to His power and His mighty Word.


What a lesson

This man has for us

At the height of his power and as he crawls in the dust.

Help us, Lord Jesus, to learn from this today

Of your forgiveness and mercy

As we submit and pray.

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