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Some of you may know my daughter Maria went to be with the Lord in April 2020. As a celebration of her life, I made a photobook to give a copy to her siblings. This enabled me to work through my grief and collect many memories of her. This book helps me to focus on all the fun we had when she was alive. She shared a love of photography.

IMG_4036 copy.JPG

This photograph was taken in the Etosha Pan, Namibia. I love the starkness of it. The salt pan gives is a dusty, eerie quality.

I sometimes use a combination of photograph and words together. Often a verse of scripture can illuminate a photograph and touch our hearts in a way that the single medium would not. In the past I have sold my photographs as posters by adding a scripture verse to them. The cost has been nominal as my main goal is to share my work rather than to make money.

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NB: All my images are copyrighted. Should you wish a copy of one of them please email at address below

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