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Come to Our Feast

Come to our feast, Lord Jesus.

We’re celebrating today.

All the years we’ve been meeting here

To fellowship and pray.

We’re sorry it’s not much notice –

Perhaps we should have told you before.

But please come anyway,

We’ve invited guests by the score.


You went to the wedding in Cana.

I’m sure you must have joined in the fun.

Mary – she probably asked you,

Come – even though you’re God’s son.

We know you won’t be too proud to come,

Too learned or too busy,

We just want you to be here,

So we can say we love you.


We are only simple folk,

Doing the best we can.

Pointing the road to salvation

Taking a Christian stand.

We remember your words so beautiful,

“I am the Life.. the way ….

Greater things you shall do than I

Repent and be born again …

Blessed are the poor in spirit …

For theirs is the kingdom of heaven,

Be ye the salt of the earth …

Your sincerity like bread unleavened.”

Jesus, you offer life immortal

A way to cleanse our souls

Please come to the feast Lord Jesus

And make our lives completely whole.

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