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I didn’t go to church today

I stayed in bed and went my own way

Perhaps I’ll go tonight instead

If I don’t watch tele or read in bed.


I just don’t know what’s the matter with me.

I should have asked the neighbours for tea.

But somehow there just seemed no time.

I’m sure it won’t matter. They’ll be fine.


Yesterday I said I’d bake a cake

For the guides on their outing on the lake

But by the time I’d put the washing out

Made the beds, given the kids a clout,

There was just no time left.


Friday I told Mrs Webster I’d call

After shopping before the kids came out of school.

But somehow things went wrong that day.

The car broke down and the sky turned grey.


It seems it’s just been one of those months,

A quick prayer time and nothing for lunch.

I just must get myself organized

Then I won’t make excuses or tell white lies.




Yes I think I’d better take that advice

It seems so good, so pure, so wise

Jesus let me think about you

Instead of all the things that I must do.


Look at the birds they don’t worry

I know my burden won’t be too heavy to carry.

I’ll take the time to watch and pray

And leave all the worries for another day.

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