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Holy Communion

I remember you died for me Lord

As I take this bread today.

I remember all your agony;

You’re the Truth, the Life, the Way.

I come to you, pride all gone

To free me from my sins.

I remember the peace you gave

The day I asked you in.


Forgive me for my anger

When self has come to the fore,

When the devil has been prowling around

Howling at my door.

I’ve told him I belong to You.

He must run away.

I’ve told him I’m trusting You

Until the Judgement Day.


I remember You, Lord.

As I take this cup today.

You served others with humility,

Didn’t care what Pharisees would say.

Keep me ever conscious of all the lost souls.

Help me to reach out to them

And bring them in your fold.

Give me all compassion to heal those who are ill.

Give me the satisfaction of doing God’s will.


I remember You, Lord

And know t’was a sinner like me

Who betrayed You in the garden -

Grant me humility.


So Lord as I remember You

I give you all the praise and worship due.

I’ll know you’ll remember me, Lord.

When I get to Heaven;

When the sheep and the goats are sorted

When the final judgement is given.

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