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I Know I'm A Christian But I'm A Person Too

Did you know that I like cartoons

And I also bite my nails.

I try to get on with everyone

But somehow I just fail.

I like to laugh and muck around;

But from you, would I get

An icy stare or a serious frown?


Did you know that I scream at the kids

And sometimes I don’t cook.

Would you turn a blind eye,

Or make the pastor look.

I like to drink tea and have a chat

But would you say to someone else,

“What do you think of that!”


Did you know I like to paint,

Using a knife or a brush.

I like to scratch on the dump

Without everyone making a fuss.

I do like to say a prayer, as I know you do.

I know I’m a Christian but I’m a person too.






I know I get angry and sometimes I shout.

I try to keep order but I give the kids a clout.

I try to work for the Lord

Whichever church He’s in

But I feel my patience is wearing thin.



You may feel hurt but sometimes I feel

We all need a shake and bringing to heel.

I know we are all Christians

And want to praise the King

But we are all individual people

Sheltering under His wing.


Can’t we try

To accept each others’ faults

Without condemnation, tittle-tattle or bad reports.

Jesus has accepted that we are people too.

That’s why he called us separately

To be members of His crew.

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