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Come To Me

Matthew 11:28

The Words of Jesus


Come to me all you who are burdened.

Come to me all you who seek rest.

Your anxious cries, I’ve already heard them.

My treatment, it is the best!


You may have tried drugs and drink,

Even attempted suicide.

I can change you completely.

It’s up to you to decide.


I know you are desperately lonely.

I will be your friend.

But to God, you must come through me only,

Your sinful ways must end.


You must not make excuses.

If you want the joy I can give,

You must surrender yourself completely

And then you can start to live.


I have peace and joy awaiting;

A contentment you’ve never known.

I can stop all those years of hating.

The seed has already been sown.






Come to me all you who are heavy laden

Come to me all who seek rest.

I’m building a heavenly haven.

You will be richly blessed.

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