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Trials, Tribulation and Temptation

Take the pain away. I can't face it today.

A trial is not a curse; though you may think so at first.

It brings perseverance as you press on,

Heartbreak and suffering will soon be gone.

So one step at a time will suffice,

Stumbling precariously, following the Christ.


Take my sorrow away; it's not for me today.

Share your troubles with a a friend.

Unburdening to them hastens pain's end.

Look forward to new vision and insight,

Spectacular colours imploding rainbow light.

Walk together along the new path.

Comforting fellowship is within your grasp.





Temptation is always lurking, enticing me to sin.

The power of the Holy Spirit strengthens me within.

I can overcome and transcend trials.

Joy will flow, laughter and smiles.

Trials and temptations may be life's cruel masters,

But God is preparing us for life hereafter.

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