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“Is it finished? No, not yet.”

It took hours, lest we forget.

“Oh Father,” prayed Jesus on that night,

“I have done what you asked,

I have given them light.

I have healed the sick, the lame and the blind,

I have shown your love to all mankind.

And now I know it’s over to you

To show them your final greatness too.

I have glorified you on this earth,

I’ve told them all about the new birth.

I pray for them and others thereafter

Give them hope, joy and laughter.

And now I am to be no more on this earth,

Keep them safe from all evil.

Sanctify them through your truth.

This is all I ask you Heavenly Father,

Keep them as one for ever after.”


Then our Lord left that place.

He went into the garden.

He went for the human race.

“Is it finished … no not yet.”

It went on for hours, lest we forget.


First came betrayal,

Let down by a friend,

As Judas lured him to His end.

The shock, the hurt, the pain was real.

There was no mitigation on this deal.

Smack went the fist of the soldier,

Who demanded an answer now.

“The High Priest is talking to you.

You must bend the knee and bow.”

Pain of the bonds that bound Him

As they dragged Him before Pilate,

Echoed the hurt of denial

As Peter stood before the firelight.

Back then to Herod who clothed Him

In stripes of purple and red,

Covered His back in agony

As the wounds weeped through and bled.

He knew it had to happen

But it didn’t deaden the pain,

As they shouted, “Crucify Him,

We want Barabbas again.”

Pilate then took his whip

And beat Him again, nearly dead.

There was no one to comfort Him.

The disciples, they had all fled.

They platted a crown of thorns

And crammed it upon His brow,

That sweated blood and teardrops.

What else could they do to Him now?


Clink, clink went the sound of the hammer,

Which nailed Him to the tree.

Sighs and sobs of His mother as she endured this blasphemy


As His agony now unfolded

He realised its terrible price:

Separation from God unbearable;

Only darkness must suffice.

“It is finished.” Cut His voice through the silence.

A knife through every man’s heart.

“It is finished.” Came the echo through the ages.

Jesus had played His part.

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