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Let Your Light Shine

Matthew 5 v 16


"Let Your Light so shine before men that they may see your good works

     and glorify  your Father which is in heaven."


I said to my Saviour

"I want my friend to know

What a comfort You are to me

And that you love me so.

I want her to share

Your love so pure and free.

I want her to know

You died on Calvary."


My Saviour answered me

And this is what He said,

"You must always remember

To go beyond my death.

Tell her that I rose again

To conquer death and sin.

I travelled over pain and woe;

Through loneliness I've been."


I said to my Saviour,

"Where shall I begin?

It always seems whatever I say,

I let the devil in.

I know you have the answers.

You have shown me the truth.

But when I try to tell her

My words seem of no use."


Jesus had compassion.

He heard my humble plea,

He said, "Don't tell her anymore;

Just live your life through me.

If you give yourself completely,

I can work through you.

I can show my love and purity

In everything you do."


Now I live my life for Jesus.

I sink back in His arms,

And as the world watches

I seem to have new charms.

I feel His love working through me,

His joy, His peace, His hope.

The world can see Jesus

As they see just how I cope.

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