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Jigsaw Puzzle

Little by little the jigsaw enlarges

As each piece takes its place.

Little by little as Jesus emerges

We see pictures of God’s grace.

We always start with the corners

To give us a total view.

I wonder which part of the jigsaw

Jesus has made you.


If ever there’s a piece missing

We hear a hue and cry.

Are you missing from God’s jigsaw?

If you are, ask yourself why?

You may think you are unimportant

But let me assure you of this.

All the other pieces

Tell Jesus, it’s you that they miss.

They cry for so long to the Father

For His grace is sufficient for you.

It’s marked out along Life’s journey,

If only you could find the clue.


It’s all in God’s Word, the Bible

You’ll find it if you look,

But remember to pray for forgiveness

As you open that Holy Book.


As you come to the Lord, come weeping

Tears of Repentance He understands.

He’ll be there to pick up the pieces

Hold on to His outstretched hand.

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