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Delightful December

Spiderplant meeting Saturday 18 December 2021

Present: Rosalie, Merlyn, Joe, Philipp, Sandy, Steve, Donald

Apologies: Kate, Joanna, Sam, Fay

The meeting started with a short resume from each participant about who they are, their interests and their writing journey.

A short discussion took place about the format of the meetings so far. Most in favour of the devotions slot, member’s slot and writing challenge. All loved the guest speaker slot and found it useful. Some speakers were excellent but they were all of a good standard. Fay suggested the devotions could be given by other members of the group. Anyone interested in doing this should indicate to Rosalie. Steve suggested a ‘Reading Out Loud’ slot, where a piece of work could be circulated and one of the group could read it at the next meeting so the writer could ‘hear’ how their piece sounded. This is something we could try in a future meeting.

Different times and days were suggested but there was no consensus so the meetings will continue to be one in 6-8 weeks on a Saturday at 10.30 until about 2.00.

The meetings will continue on zoom but there will be additional face-to-face opportunities in Spring/Summer 2022.

The next meeting is Saturday 29 January 2022. There will be no meeting in February due to ACW events taking place.

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