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Juicy January

Our January writing meeting was a rich experience with more members participating.

Fabulous Fay kicked off with a calming devotional psalm. We all felt suitably relaxed at the end of it!

Our guest speaker was Richard Palmer whose PowerPoint on "Giving and Receiving Feedback" challenged us to be honest and sincere yet still encouraging. We explored the writer's objective, macro-editing, micro-editing and he recommended useful books on the subject. Richard then gave us the opportunity to practise giving feedback through the breakout rooms. The small groups enabled plenty of discussion to be given.

The Spiderplant writing challenge was "Structure Your Writing". Participants were invited to write a paragraph starting with a far distant perspective and gradually zooming in closer to the subject. Several members offered their attempts at this exercise. At the end of the meeting there was plenty of opportunity for general discussion.

The next meeting is Saturday 19 March 2022 on zoom.

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