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Joyous July

The Theme for the July meeting of the Spiderplant Christian Writing Circle was non-fiction writing.

The devotional thought was from Matthew 25 - the parable of the Tenants. Rosalie encouraged the group to reflect on two ideas from this parable.

  1. Use the gifts that you have been given.

  2. Don't compare yourself to others.

This is especially true for writers.

Present: Rosalie, Michelle, Merlyn, Philipp, Steve, Joe, Fay and Donald

Apologies: Danni, Sandy, Jo Leatherland, Sam, Vanessa

Jo Leatherland has resigned as a member because she has moved away from the area. She has got married.

GUEST SPEAKER: Georgie Tennant - Inroads to Educational Writing

Georgie received the commission to write a set of phonics books through a member at her church. Previously she had written poems and done some journalling. She was paid for the phonics books on an hourly basis. She researched how phonics worked. She wrote 10 stories for 5 books. The illustrations were outsourced.

The group were set a challenge to produce a story for a phonics book. Each page must contain 3-5 words. It must be 12 pages long. Only the following letters could be used.

s a t p i n m d g o

We all found the task fun. Georgie shared that she often used a scrabble word finder. Thank you Georgie for an entertaining and informative talk.

Our member slot was taken by Michelle Diskin Bates who told us about her book "Stand Against Injustice". The book covers her 20-year long struggle to help her brother, Barry George, after a wrongful conviction for murder.

Michelle also shared something of her faith journey and how she had to rely on the strength of Jesus to help her.

The next meeting of the Spiderplant Writing Circle is on Saturday 4 September 2021.

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