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Phoenix Arises

It feels as if I am a phoenix arising from the ashes of covid-19. It seems that normal life is resuming. It may not be as it was but hey I love new beginnings.

It was great to host a new writing circle on Saturday. There were just six of us (a politically correct rule of six). Only one other person was known to me and that added to my sense of adventure. We will be supporting and encouraging each other in the months ahead - the Spiderplant Christian Writing Circle. Spiderplant because I have a vision of little spurts of growth together.

This first meeting was a place to share ideas of what sort of group we will be and what our interests are. In addition, we had some input about a kickstarter project and amazon kdp self-publishing. As this was our first meeting, our on-the-spot writing was limited to 10 minutes and I can't believe how inventive some people can be. It blows my mind.

We will be affiliated to ACW and meet in the East Midlands.

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